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Ancient treasures move to new home by Pyramids

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Grand Egyptian Museum

Grand Egyptian Museum receives artefacts ahead of soft opening

Treasured ancient Egyptian artefacts are slowly and carefully being moved to the new Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo, which will be the world’s biggest archaeological museum when it partially opens in May 2018.

Also known as the Giza Museum, it has been under construction since March 2012 and is sited on 50 hectares of land about two kilometres from the Giza pyramids. It is part of a new masterplan for the plateau.

The exhibition area, covering about one third of the total museum grounds, will display 50,000 artefacts, the main attraction being the very first exhibition of the full tomb collection of King Tutankhamun.

The Tutankhamun collection includes 5000 items, which are gradually being relocated from the Egyptian Museum at Tahrir Square in Cairo, 23 kilometres away, and from storages and museums at eight different locations in Egypt.

Beard of the Sphinx
The overall collection includes statues of famous royalty, “at the forefront of which is King Khafre, who built the second biggest Pyramid at Giza,” Tarek Tawfiq, the Grand Egyptian Museum’s general supervisor, told AfricaNews.

“Also, the head of king Userkaf from the 5th dynasty, a granite standing statue of the King Thutmose III, and a part of the beard of the Sphinx, which will be displayed within site of the Giza area, as it is near the site of its discovery in Giza.”

Egypt’s tourism revenues jumped by 170% in the first seven months of 2017, reaching $3.5 billion, Reuters has reported.

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