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ANA pilots to do 787 resumption training


ANA to resume flights after Boeing conducted new batteries check

All Nippon Airways, the biggest customer for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, will put its pilots through training to resume flights in June, sources said, after Boeing completed more than half of its tests to get its new battery system certified.

ANA is also likely to use the 787 initially for cargo flights once the new battery system is installed, to reassure the public about safety before restarting passenger flights, one of the sources said.

“The company is making as many assumptions as it can and is preparing based on them. In order to resume flights from June, it needs all 200 of the pilots ready to be flying by then,” a source said.

Meanwhile Boeing is conducting ground and flight tests to check the new lithium-ion battery system that it plans to install in the Dreamliners. The results will be submitted to the US Federal Aviation Administration, which will decide whether to certify the fix.

“More than half of the testing is complete with the remaining ground and flight tests set to occur within the next several days,” a Boeing spokesman said.

ANA, as the launch customer, will be the first to have its jets fixed. ANA estimates it may take a month to install the new battery system for its entire 787 fleet.

It is still unknown how long the FAA will take to approve Boeing’s battery fix.



[photo courtesy Boeing]


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