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Americans set to break travel records


More to travel than ever before this holiday season
More Americans than ever will be travelling this holiday season. As many as 103 million people will travel between December 23 and January 2, up 1.5% over 2015.
Even though the period is a day shorter because Christmas and New Year fall on Sundays, it is the eighth straight year of Christmas and New Year travel growth in the USA.
Consumer spending is up by an expected 4.1%, with personal income up 3.3%. The vast majority of people travelling, 93.6 million, will do so by road, encouraged by low petrol prices.
Airlines expect 45.2 million passengers between December 16 and January 5, up 3.5% from last year, but there will be slightly fewer people taking cruises, trains and buses.
Airfares will average $204 for a round trip on the top 40 US domestic routes. The cost of accommodation in the US is up 7% over the period compared to last year.
USA Today


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