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Amazon shuts down online hotel business


Move beyond selling discounted rooms wasn’t clear enough
“It was telling that when the US Department of Justice reviewed hotel competitors during its analysis of Expedia’s acquisition of Orbitz Worldwide, the antitrust division cited TripAdvisor and Google as rising competitors but didn’t mention Amazon,” Skift summarises in its report that Amazon has suddenly shut down its Amazon Destinations service with no warning.
Amazon moved beyond selling discounted hotel rooms into a general hotel-booking business in April. A spokesperson simply said: “We have learned a lot and have decided to discontinue Amazon Destinations.”
Restaurant deals are still being offered, but details are sketchy. Hoteliers expressed their shock at the decision, saying that Amazon had been working with them almost on a daily basis to improve product as well as listing.
But the move from selling discounted rooms to giving hoteliers more flexibility, by selling rooms in a larger number of destinations at published prices, had not been clear, for the company as much as for the hotels. It is unclear whether Amazon is now out of the hotel business permanently.


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