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Amadeus’ e-Commerce solutions power complete transformation of Lufthansa.com’s shopping and booking flow


New Lufthansa website revamps the entire online purchasing experience for the traveler with a simpler, more personal and streamlined service / Lufthansa.com to offer a seamless experience across both web and tablet, enabling individuals to plan their journeys according to their own preferences

Amadeus, a leading technology partner for the global travel industry, has been chosen by Lufthansa, Europe’s largest airline and Germany’s flag carrier, to power the airline’s brand new shopping, booking and re-booking webpages with its suite of next generation e-Commerce solutions.

Lufthansa.com, which receives over 210 million visitors per annum, now has a completely revamped shopping and booking flow that will streamline the purchasing experience for travelers by improved navigation and transparent pricing information. At the same time the new site has been designed to significantly enhance the airline’s merchandising capabilities across both its domestic and international business.

Travelers will now benefit from bespoke recommendations for and access to a far wider range of travel options than before, based on their specific areas of interest. Moreover, travelers will receive personalized offers focused around their frequent flyer status, choice of city pair and country of residence. These offers will span a variety of additional relevant products and services such as advanced seat reservations, car hire, rail tickets or ancillary services such as an exit row seat or extra leg room. This will enable individuals to plan their journeys according to their own preferences in a single, integrated shopping experience, with the focus on simplicity at all times. The whole process will be managed in a very subtle manner for travelers, ensuring they retain control at all times about the different services they may need or want to purchase.

Lufthansa will also have the opportunity to dynamically evolve its online content based on specific parameters such as the time or season of the year, or a particular occasion such as St Valentine’s Day, adapting its offer accordingly. This allows the airline to reach new levels of agility, modifying very quickly the behavior and content of its online presence via adjustable business rules in order to match the expectations of travelers. This in turn delivers significant time and cost-savings for Lufthansa, reducing its dependency on software development, whilst in tandem helping the airline to better sell to its customers via a unified digital experience.

“By implementing Amadeus’ e-Commerce solutions, we can ensure that travelers benefit from a simpler and more personal online shopping experience when they visit Lufthansa.com,” commented Christian Tillmans, VP Global Sales & Key Account Management, Deutsche Lufthansa AG. “Our website now offers unrivaled access to our air travel and related products and services, responding to the needs of individual travelers with the emphasis on choice and price transparency in all steps of the process. Furthermore, the traveler is in complete control of the buying process from beginning to end and so we also benefit from the opportunity to sell to our customers more effectively.”

“We are proud that our technology is underpinning the evolution of Lufthansa’s digital strategy,” commented Julia Sattel, SVP Airline IT, Amadeus. “Advanced merchandising and personalization capabilities are increasingly important to airlines worldwide, and twenty-first century travelers expect to be able to shape their travel itineraries according to their particular tastes. Lufthansa.com’s re-launch builds on our existing partnership with one of the world’s leading airlines. It also highlights our continuing commitment to be the partner of choice for airlines’ digital innovation, supporting their online strategies to become agile retailers and ultimately better serve the traveler.

Amadeus e-Personalize, which underpins the new Lufthansa website, is one of a number of solutions supporting Lufthansa’s online strategy. The others include : Amadeus e-Retail (the world’s most widely-used airline Internet booking engine); Amadeus Flex Pricer (which provides travelers with the most relevant air fare options); Amadeus Cars Plus (an innovative car-rental booking solution) and Amadeus Digital Design Services (which enables airlines to build a fully personalized website’s appearance and functionality).

As part of the project, Amadeus ensured that Lufthansa.com received the most extensive, rigorous testing and quality-checking possible. The process involved over 6,000 test cases. The completely upgraded shopping, booking and re-booking webpages on Lufthansa.com are now available to travelers worldwide in 12 different languages and across 98 markets around the globe.


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