Home News Airports offer food of far improved quality

Airports offer food of far improved quality


Customers attracted by delicatessens and high-class eateries

A Los Angeles Times blogger waiting for a flight from Minneapolis-St Paul airport notes how it is offering airport food that is almost worth flying in for. “Let’s see, we have Fra Mani salumi, a little prosciutto from La Quercia, plus a couple of other sliced meats. And we have a plate of five very good artisanal cheeses? And a couple of crystal flutes with good Prosecco? And we’re sitting in the Minneapolis-St Paul airport?” There’s also Loch Duart fresh salmon, herb butter and wines for tasting.
Nearby this branch of Surdyk’s Flights, a popular gourmet market, are pricey stores for Hugo Boss and Tumi luggage. “Watching the cooks work,” the blogger comments, “it takes almost a physical effort to remind yourself that you’re waiting to catch a flight.”
Los Angeles Times


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