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Airports must improve “experiences” to survive


“Airports will have to be far more creative to grow their revenues”

At a recent conference delivered by IATA and ACI Asia-Pacific, one presentation in particular caught a lot of attention. Rohit Talwar, CEO and founder of Fast Future Research, and Patricia Simillon, head of airline operations strategy at Amadeus, revealed the initial findings of a new study on “the airport experience in 2025”, the rest of which will be launched later in 2012. Based on interviews with industry experts and passengers, the study points to what travellers like most and least about airports, developments they would like to see in the future, and how airports will have to adapt to survive.
“Due to advanced automation that will speed passenger processing through the airport and reduce the amount of time passengers spend there, airports will have to be far more creative to maintain and grow their commercial revenues,” Talwar said. “As a result, 41% of respondents said they expect new groupings, potentially involving companies from outside of the industry with track records of successfully delivering leisure and retail propositions, to manage the delivery of the total passenger experience.”
Simillon added: “The majority of the passengers surveyed expect airports to give a sense of place, reflecting local culture to truly make the airport and flying part of their total journey experience. It is clear that this enhanced total trip experience would only be made possible with an active collaboration of all the players in the airport ecosystem.”
Further discussion will take place at the Future Travel Experience 2012 conference in Vancouver, hosted by Vancouver Airport Authority on September 5-7, the theme of which will be: “Advanced collaboration to create a seamless passenger experience.”
Future Travel Experience
[pictured: Vancouver International Airport]


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