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Airports Authority Board of Directors Receives Update On Coordination and Preparation for Dulles Ebola Screenings


Washington Dulles International Airport personnel are actively training, practicing and working closely with government agencies and public health officials to address concerns related to the Ebola virus, managers at Dulles told the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority board of directors at its monthly meeting on Wednesday.

Directors received assurances that airport personnel are coordinating with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Customs and Border Protection officials in advance of the start of the federal agencies’ enhanced Ebola screenings, which are set to begin this week.

“Communicable disease detection and response is nothing new at Dulles,” said Dulles Airport Manager Chris Browne. “We regularly train and drill with our federal, state and local partners, who would lead the response to a potential incident. We will continue to work closely with our partners to support their efforts and ensure that Airports Authority personnel are ready to respond if necessary.”

The enhanced screenings are being led by CDC and CBP and conducted by Customs officers for passengers traveling from the three Ebola-affected West African countries. The Airports Authority has a long-standing plan in place for responding to communicable disease at both Dulles International and Ronald Reagan Washington National airports and routinely hosts practice drills to test, refine and improve the airports response should an incident occur.

Airports Authority Fire and Rescue, airport operations and airport managers’ staffs are collaborating closely with Customs and the CDC, and are conferring with colleagues at JFK Airport in New York where screenings have already begun, to ensure that they are ready to assist, support and respond as needed.


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