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Airport tips: Picking someone up can be this easy


It could hardly be easier to pick up an arriving business partner, friend, or relative at Frankfurt Airport. Before leaving your home or office, you can quickly and conveniently check to see exactly where they will exit and the flight`s expected arrival time by going to the airport`s website at www.frankfurt-airport.de. Alternatively, the “good old” teletext service still provides all the information you need.

Before heading to the airport, be sure to make a note of the following information: the terminal, the name of the airline, the flight number, where the flight originated, and the expected time of arrival.

Picking someone up is especially simple with the aid of the free Frankfurt Airport App 2.0. Simply call up the flight and bookmark it. You`ll then be immediately notified if the flight status changes in any way, also while you`re on the way to the airport. Click again, and you`re guided to the right terminal and advised on the best place to park.

It`s best to leave your car in one of the parking structures adjacent to the terminal. From there, it`s only a short walk to any of the arrival zones. Large display boards and information kiosks list all current flights, their status, and the exits that the passengers will use to leave the security area with their luggage. You can also agree to rendezvous at one of the meeting points or information counters located in both terminals. To see where they are, consult the website or app.

The many restaurants and bistros in the pre-security areas are of course also ideal places to meet up. There`s something for every taste. One idea for spending the time while you wait is to go out onto the Visitors` Terrace and watch the jets take off and land. Or get a haircut or manicure. You could also head for the airport early and go on a fascinating tour of the apron.

Here`s another tip: if you wait until your guest has already fetched their bags and is waiting outside in front of the terminal, you can avoid driving into a parking structure. You can leave your vehicle at either terminal for 10 minutes free of charge (Terminal 1, P31; Terminal 2, P18/P19). Or use the short-stay zone right at Terminal 1 (P39), where you can park for five minutes without paying.


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