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Airport delays due to heavy snow in Sweden


Snowfall to continue throughout Wednesday, into Thursday

Passengers using airports in Sweden face delays as heavy snowfalls hit traffic. Stockholm’s main airports have issued warnings of serious delays as the snowfall looks likely to continue throughout Wednesday and into Thursday.
“There is limited air traffic to and from Stockholm,” Arlanda Airport said in a statement this morning. “We advise travellers to await further information, follow developments and to contact their airline company.”
Bromma is experiencing similar delays, as is bus transport, although commuter trains and trams are reported to be running on schedule with some cancellations. Stockholm and Sörmland and Uppland counties are reporting 20 centimetres more snow during the morning on top of what fell during the night.
In a statement this morning, Helsinki Airport said, “The weather in Stockholm affects air traffic on Wednesday 5 December. Because of heavy snowfall air traffic is limited to and from Stockholm. Passengers should follow the information provided by the airline.”
The Local / TTG Nordic


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