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Airport attacked in Tajikistan terror attacks


UK issues travel advisory against travel to Tajikistan
The airport in the Tajik capital Dushanbe has been shaken by terrorist attacks against security personnel in two separate incidents at the weekend. Around 11 police and security staff were killed.
The government also claims that nine terrorists were killed, but at least three attackers are said to be still at large. Meanwhile, the Russian news agency Sputnik is reporting that as many as 33 police officers and soldiers were killed.
The UK government has released a travel advisory following the clashes and says its citizens should not visit Tajikistan. The US and Russian embassies in Dushanbe are taking extra security measures.
The Tajik interior ministry blamed General Aduhalim Nazarzoda, a sacked deputy defence minister, for the attacks and said that he was leading a “terrorist group”. He is said to be unhappy with the government’s harsh actions against practicing Muslims.


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