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Airlines use innovative marketing campaigns


How to get sun-starved Scandinavians to fly south?

The effectiveness of outdoor advertising is often a result of its originality, Airline Trends reports. Norwegian has launched a few of these in its efforts to get sun-starved Scandinavians to fly south to its Mediterranean destinations.

This year it’s stopped commuters at Oslo’s main rail station to see who has the palest skin. Their photo was taken and skin tone measured digitally. On a giant screen, the audience could follow who was the whitest. The three palest contestants won a trip to Gran Canaria.

Last year, the airline installed a rain gauge on Oslo bus shelters to record how much rain was falling, to persuade people to get out of the country.

In Hong Kong, which gets just 100 hours of sunshine during its summer monsoon season, the Philippines’ biggest low-cost carrier Cebu Pacific made use of the wet weather. Ads were drawn on the ground the water repellent spray making them visible in rainy weather, revealing the slogan It’s Sunny in the Philippines. A QR code was part of the design, directing passers-by to get Cebu Pacific discounts.

Airline Trends / Airline Marketing Benchmark

[photo courtesy Cebu Pacific]


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