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Airlines to deal with bad passengers


Better manners required in the plane

IATA is now likely to take harsher measures against unruly passengers on planes – and not only against couples who want to join the Mile High Club.

Since the association began to record violent or aggressive passengers in 2007, no fewer than 15,000 reports have been made. So an IATA conference in Montreal in March will focus on the problem and on how airlines should go about solving it.

Last year, staff on a flight from New York to Iceland had to tie down a passenger with duct tape, while in 2014 Emirates cabin crew were forced to strap a rebellious passenger across three seats because he was denied a cigarette. But a reclining seat or a screaming child can also lead to aggression behaviour. Airlines report daily on passengers watching porn on their laptops, throwing drinks at flight attendants or loud swearing.

IATA will urge the conference in Montreal to establish international guidelines for cabin crews’ responsibilities on board. The current rules dating from 1963 tell only what staff should do if passengers pose a security risk.

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