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Airlines take action against hoverboards


They are the latest craze, but are also a fire hazard
Hoverboards may be the latest craze, but airlines are taking a stand against them. They represent a fire hazard, by some accounts, and airlines are trying to figure out the best way to transport the one- or two-wheeled “self-balancing scooters”.
The three biggest airlines in the US – American, United and Delta – have each said they will ban hoverboards due to safety concerns, at least while an investigation into the objects continues at the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.
There have been more than 10 reports of hoverboard fires in nine states, and separately the International Air Transport Association has warned airlines about hoverboard hazards.
In the UK, not only are they now illegal to use on public roads and pavements, but the country’s National Trading Standards said recently that 88% of 17,000 hoverboards examined at UK entry points were unsafe because of a risk of overheating, exploding or catching fire. Amazon has also just pulled the devices from its store pending a safety review.


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