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Airlines not happy with Danish damages ruling


Primera Air to have to pay 12 passengers compensation
Twelve Primera Air passengers should receive compensation for delays due to technical problems, the Danish Supreme Court has ruled. Airlines are not happy with the judgement.
Trade body Dansk Luftfart says it will put political pressure at the EU level to ensure the ruling is not interpreted “too far”.
EU law states that airlines are liable to pay compensation if passengers encounter delays of over three hours from technical problems, except in “extraordinary circumstances”.
The Supreme Court ruled that the delays in question (a Billund-Crete flight delayed by more than ten hours and a flight to Varna delayed by over 11 hours, both in 2013) were not due to such circumstances. Primera must now pay each of the passengers DKK 3,000 (€400) in damages.
Flyforsinkelse.dk, which provides legal assistance to passengers seeking compensation, filed the lawsuits. It says it has 1,500 similar cases ready to go through the country’s courts.
Copenhagen Post


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