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Airlines Financial Monitor – July 2015

Key points from our full report on airline financial performance in June-July
•Airline share prices rose 4% in July compared to June, buoyed by falling oil prices and strong Q2 financial results;
•Initial Q2 financial results show a large improvement in profits across all major regions and particularly in the US;
•Crude oil prices fell further in July, pushed down by expectations of supply increases from Iran and the US – levels are down 54% on 2014 highs;
•Passenger yields in the US continue to fall and although the fall in fares elsewhere appears to have stopped, levels remain 13% down on a year ago;
•Weakness in yields and fares reflects downward pressure from declines in fuel costs, stronger growth in capacity relative to demand as well as exchange rate distortions;
•Air transport volume growth moderated in June but the trend for 2015 remains robust – air freight volumes weakened further on declining trade activity;
•Growth in seats accelerated in June as new aircraft deliveries increased, surpassing expansion in demand;
•Air freight load factors were stable in June but remain at lows not seen since mid-2009. Passenger loads dipped slightly as growth in capacity outstripped the moderation in demand.

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