Home News Airlines experiment on how to board passengers

Airlines experiment on how to board passengers


Carriers try to make boarding less traumatic by looking at “pre-boarding”

Boarding is often an emotional part of the flying experience. So airlines are trying to find ways to make it as painless as possible. Having passengers crowding at the gate to get onboard as quickly as possible seems to be unavoidable. The reason: the race for bin space. Even though many airlines have installed bigger overhead storage, it’s often not enough, especially as passengers are carrying on more and bigger bags these days. Some passengers are stopped at the gate because they have too many bags, causing a great deal of anger.
Now the debate seems to focus on “pre-boarding”. Some airlines are giving boarding priority to frequent fliers and even members of the military. Others are boarding by the “zones” of the aircraft rather than by row numbers, the latter being unpopular with passengers close but not among the row numbers being called.


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