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Airlines can now automatically reconcile instalment payments for card sales in Brazil


In a bid to help airlines easily reconcile payments for card sales in Brazil, Accelya – a leading provider of airline financial and business intelligence solutions, has made available its VIVALDI Reconciliation solution for the Brazilian market, including the ability to reconcile the instalment plan sales.

Airlines and Travel Agencies, on behalf of airlines, allow Brazilian card holders to pay for the air ticket up to the maximum number of instalments set up by the airline. Airlines face the challenge in reconciling these instalments across the payment cycle, not to mention refunds, cancellations and chargebacks arising during this period that makes the process even more complex.

Accelya’s VIVALDI Reconciliation solution addresses this challenge for airlines. It automatically reconciles instalment payments received by acquirers, across the payment cycle. It also takes into account specific compliances and checks agreed by airlines with card companies and banks.

“Airlines found it extremely difficult to control their payments in Brazil due to the challenges associated with reconciling instalment payments for sales in Brazil. There was not a global solution in the market addressing this specific challenge. VIVALDI Reconciliation now makes it possible for airlines to automatically reconcile their instalment payments. It gives airlines full control and visibility into their Brazilian market card sales”, said Guillermo Olague, Business Manager – VIVALDI, Accelya.

Accelya’s VIVALDI Reconciliation will do the following for airlines having sales in Brazil:

Automatically reconcile sales with instalment payments

Reconcile across all channels – Direct and Indirect (web, call centre, ATOs, CTOs, BSP, non-BSP agents)

Monitor all agreements and contracts signed with card companies and banks


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