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Airline uses social media to seat passengers


New service places customers by like-minded customers

The Latvian national airline airBaltic has launched a new service that enables customers to sit next to passengers with similar interests or travel mood. To be seated next to an ideal neighbour using airBaltic SeatBuddy, passengers indicate their preferred “flight mood”, as well as hobbies, interests or activities shared on social media. Those who want to concentrate on work choose “Work” and those who want to find new business contacts choose the “Business Talk” area. Passengers who prefer silence and do not want to be disturbed during the flight will choose “Relax”.
airBaltic says that customer information is collected in a secure database and the closest match available on the same flight is identified automatically without disclosing passenger identity or personal data. The first test flights with this „intelligent seating“ will take-off at the end of June.
Yahoo! News
[photo courtesy airBaltic]


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