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Airline trials baggage-fee “subscriptions”


United is first to offer 12 months of baggage fees

United Airlines announced this week that it would allow passengers to “subscribe” to a year’s worth of ticket fees. The subscription programs offer either a year’s access to seats with extra legroom in the carrier’s “economy plus” area (from $499) or a year of pre-paid checked baggage fees (from $349).
The airline says it is the first US domestic carrier to provide such services as subscriptions. It designed them “to be helpful for customers who anticipate making multiple trips throughout the year,” an airline spokesperson told NBC News.
Judging by United’s existing one-off baggage fees, an industry expert says: “With this program, a traveller would need to check a standard bag on 14 one-way, continental US flights before they broke even on their investment.”
As for the “economy plus” subscription, it would take around 13 flights before the price is covered, but it’s a complex calculation as it varies according to the geographical routes being covered.
[pictured: Boeing Sky Interior; courtesy United Continental Holdings]


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