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Airline tests new way to cut drunken behaviour


Tamper-proof duty-free bags trialled to stop disruption
Trials of tough, tamper-proof bags are taking place at two airports in the UK in an effort to cut down on drunken behaviour on flights.
The bags, tested by the airline Jet2.com, can only be opened with scissors or a sharp object, making it harder for passengers to open them during the flight and drink the booze during the journey.
The airline is working with World Duty Free on the scheme at Manchester and Glasgow airports. The scheme is part of Jet2’s Onboard Together program, designed to reduce the growing problem of passengers’ disruptive behaviour.
“Unfortunately disruptive passenger behaviour has increased and it is something we will not tolerate,” said the airline’s managing director, Phil Ward.
“We are taking a proactive stance to tackle this issue from many aspects, including this new trial of tamper-proof World Duty Free bags, to make sure an anti-social few don’t spoil the experience for the majority of customers that fly with us and want a fantastic holiday.
“We believe that the tamper proof bags will act as an additional barrier and deterrent to this as well as helping our cabin crew to monitor consumption. If this trial is successful it is something we will certainly look to permanently introduce at all the airports we fly from.”


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