Home News Airline earns millions from cabin advertising

Airline earns millions from cabin advertising


Free onboard snacks are offered with a garnish of advertising

An airline has been experimenting with handing out snacks for free this summer – together with a side order of advertising. Passengers on US Airways shuttle flights out of Boston’s Logan International Airport to New York and Washington have received a $5 snack box without charge – sponsored by a company willing to pay for access to a captive audience of high-income professionals. A commercial message was printed on the box.
A small advertising agency was behind the idea. The main demographic it’s after consists of business travellers who can afford a luxury shopping service but are not always sitting in first class, where the upscale meals are included in the fare. US Airways has a reputation for placing advertising in the cabin. It is said to make $20 million a year from ads from big companies on tray tables, napkins and even air-sickness bags.
The Boston Globe
[photo courtesy Star Alliance]


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