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Airline CEO: No carrier is safe from cyber attacks


Attack grounds flights and strands 1400 passengers
Following a massive cyber-attack at the weekend that grounded flights operated by Polish flag carrier LOT and stranded 1400 passengers at Warsaw’s Chopin airport, the airline’s chief executive warns that no airline is safe from such attacks.
Poland’s intelligence agency is investigating but there is no word on who was responsible. The attack disabled the system LOT uses to issue flights plans. The incident is also likely to add to the debate on whether planes in the air are fully protected from hackers, though that did not happen this time.
“This is an industry problem on a much wider scale, and for sure we have to give it more attention,” the airline’s chief executive, Sebastian Mikosz, told a news conference. “I expect it can happen to anyone anytime.”
The problem was probably caused by a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. This is when a hacker deluges a computer system with so many communication requests that it overloads the server.


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