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Airline arranges dates between passengers and crew


Icelandair invites passengers on activities with “stopover buddy”
Icelandair is keen to take the passenger-cabin crew relationship to the next level – with a date. The airline plans to hook up travellers with a “stopover buddy” to explore some of Iceland’s natural and cultural wonders.
Available until April 30, a passenger’s travel buddy can be an Icelandair employee acting as free-of-charge localised tour guide on a choice of Icelandic adventures.
Inga, a travel agent for the airline, wants to “take you on a boat, catch some fish, and have a great time”. Anna, a flight attendant, invites you for some old-fashioned spelunking. Even chief executive Birkir Guðnason will show off his hometown for a day of sledding and local hospitality. Other guided activities include concert-going, heli-skiing and knitting pink jumpers. An Icelandair video about the scheme can be seen here.


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