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Aircraft incidents show anxiety after Paris attacks


Passengers removed from separate flights in recent hours
Two incidents on aircraft on Tuesday show that anxiety among passengers is high, following the Paris terror attacks on Friday night.
Four people were taken off a Spirit Airlines flight at an airport in Baltimore as it was due to take off, after another passenger alerted cabin crew of “suspicious activity”.
One of the four appeared to be Muslim and was watching a video on her phone that another passenger thought was from the militant group Islamic State.
The four passengers seemed to be in their early 30s, of Middle Eastern ancestry, and were carrying backpacks. However, checks of the four and their luggage found nothing suspicious and they were released without charge.
Also on Tuesday, a drunk female passenger tried to open an exit door on a British Airways flight from London Heathrow to Boston. She was quickly restrained and later taken by police at Boston airport. This was reported on CNN as a possible terrorist incident but it is clear now that this was not the case.
Reuters / CNN


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