Home News Aircraft crashes in Nepal, killing all on board

Aircraft crashes in Nepal, killing all on board


Buddha Air plane was carrying tourists to view Mount Everest

An investigation is being conducted into the crash of a privately-operated Buddha Air Beechcraft 1900D aircraft in Nepal early on Sunday morning. The plane was on its way back to the capital Kathmandu from a trip to view Mount Everest and other peaks when it lost contact with air traffic control. Witnesses say that the plane was on fire shortly before it disappeared in thick fog in Godavari, several kilometres from Kathmandu.
The aircraft was carrying 19 people including three crew members. These included ten Indians, two Americans and a Japanese citizen. Six Nepalese on board included the three crew. There have been several accidents involving small aircraft in Nepal since August 2010.
[pictured: painting of Gautama Buddha c.700-1100 AD]


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