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Airbus reveals panoramic view of future cabin


“Intelligent cabin interiors” take place of cabin class system

In advance of the Paris air show Le Bourget, aircraft manufacturer Airbus has revealed its concept cabin for the year 2050 – what it called a new flying experience inspired by nature. Personalised zones replace traditional cabin classes to offer tailored levels of experience. While taking a hop between destinations, according to Airbus, passengers in 2050 will join an interactive conference, enjoy a game of virtual golf, read the kids back home a bedtime story and recharge in a “vitalising seat” while watching the planet spread out beneath their feet.
This is the latest instalment of The Future by Airbus, a vision of aviation in 2050, following last year’s unveiling of the Airbus Concept Plane, loaded with technologies to reduce fuel burn, emissions, waste and noise. In the concept cabin, the aircraft’s structure mimics the efficiency of bird bone, which is optimised to provide strength where needed and allows for a cabin wall membrane that controls air temperature and can become transparent to give passengers open panoramic views.
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[pictured: The Future by Airbus – Concept Cabin; courtesy Airbus]


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