Home News Airbus considers building bigger version of A380

Airbus considers building bigger version of A380


Long-haul air traffic to grow by three times over next 20 years, it says

While confidently predicting that long-haul air traffic will grow by three times during the coming 20 years, Airbus has said it is considering building a new extra-large version of the A380 by 2020. The aircraft manufacturer made the prediction at its annual global forecast meeting, adding that the number of passenger aircraft active globally would more than double within 20 years.
The total number of aircraft with more than 100 seats will increase from 15,000 this year to 31,000 by 2030, it says, with the US, China and Germany generating the greatest demand. Asia-Pacific will account for 34% of demand, Europe 22% and North America 22%, it said, with low-cost carriers generating a significant proportion of that demand.


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