Home News Airbus and Boeing cracking dominates airshow

Airbus and Boeing cracking dominates airshow


Cracking in Airbus and Boeing planes is major topic at Singapore Airshow

The Singapore Airshow this week has been abuzz with talk about continuing failures among the big two aircraft manufacturers. Airbus CEO Tom Enders told an audience that he had ordered an internal investigation into how wing cracks could possibly have been allowed to develop on its flagship A380 aircraft. He repeated that the plane was safe to fly, but the embarrassment could affect Airbus’ long-term reputation and orders for its future mid-sized jet, the A350. “We made a little mistake here and we are repairing it as quickly as possible,” he said. “We are taking lessons from the A380 program for the A350 program.
Also this month, Boeing admitted that it had discovered a process called “delamination” – similar to cracking on a metal structure but harder to detect – on the rear fuselage of its carbon-composite 787 Dreamliner. It is carrying out inspections.


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