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Airbnb offers nights in Courchevel cable car


But you’ll have to win a competition to stay there

Spending a night in a cable car may sound like a horror story, but up to four guests at a time can now be gently rocked to sleep 2,738 metres above sea level at the Courchevel ski resort in France.

The cable car includes two beds and dinner inside – but no bathroom, although it will eventually dock at the station at the summit, which contains a toilet.

However, to stay there you have to win a competition first. The offer is part of an Airbnb marketing campaign called A Night At, highlighting overnight stays in unconventional places. To get the chance to stay in the cable car, in March, you have to explain in 100 words why you would like to stay at the top of Saulire, the gondola’s mountaintop destination.

It’s the latest in a series of competitions, with past nightspots including the Galeries Lafayette department store in Paris, a Waterstones bookshop in London, and Barcelona footballer Andrés Iniesta’s family vineyard in Spain.

The Courchevel cable car’s house rules include : “Please do not call asking for more ice,” and “Lines are for travel, not for washing.” They also state: “If the gondola’s a rockin’ don’t come a knockin’,” perhaps hinting that the overnight offer may be aimed at ski fans who are keen to join the pylon-high club.

The Guardian

[photo courtesy Airbnb]


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