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Air traffic increases 4 per cent in first half


“So far this year, a total of 24.4 million passengers have travelled to and from Avinor airports.

The biggest increase has been in international traffic, which grew 6.2% thanks in part to new international routes from regional airports. These are routes that have been well received by local businesses and the general population,” says Gurli Høeg Ulverud, head of communications at Avinor.

Strong growth in June

In June, Avinor saw passenger numbers rise by a total of 6.5% compared with the same period last year. Close to 5 million passengers travelled via Avinor’s 46  airports in June.

At Oslo Airport, the increase was 9.7 per cent compared with June 2013.

A total of 2,437,707 passengers travelled via the airport in June 2014, compared with 2,223,075 in June 2013.

“June is a month with both high business and leisure traffic. The rainy and cool start of summer probably stimulated Norwegians’ desire to travel. In addition, Oslo Airport’s route network has been significantly bolstered,” says Joachim Westher Andersen, Oslo Airport spokesperson and media manager, adding: “While Norwegian’s new long-haul routes have been a major factor in the increase in traffic, the major established routes have also seen general growth.”

For Bergen Airport at Flesland, the increase in June was 1.8%. Trondheim Airport at Værnes reported a 3.6% rise, while Stavanger Airport at Sola saw passenger numbers grow by 4.2% in June.

Regional airports also reported a general increase in June.

Harstad Narvik Airport at Evenes increased by 10.8%. Commenting, Airport Manager Eirik Bergstedt said: “The load factor to and from Evenes is very high. In addition, Norwegian has set up an additional flight between Evenes and Oslo. This is a well-utilised service and is very positive for the region.”

Aircraft movements

Total aircraft movements for the first half of the year increased by 5.4% to 417,606 movements.

Total aircraft movements in June increased by 4.1% to 76,740.


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