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Air traffic control strike to end a day early


Some 1,800 flights cancelled in France yesterday

Around 1,800 flight cancellations hit a spectrum of airlines yesterday, from Air France-KLM to easyJet, as French air traffic controllers began a strike protesting against plans by EU regulators to expand their powers. However, what was originally planned as a three-day strike will now end a day early. Employees will return to their jobs on the morning of June 13.
Air France is putting its efforts into flying all long-haul routes, while passengers on flights within Europe are being asked to postpone. Today – as reported yesterday – it expects to transport all its customers on long-haul flights and is making changes to the short and medium-haul flight schedule. It expects to return to normal operations on the morning of June 13.
Lufthansa axed 171 services into France yesterday, while Ryanair is cancelling 244 of its flights today. EasyJet is cancelling 128 flights on each of the two days.
Bloomberg Businessweek
[photo courtesy Air France]


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