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Air Greenland becomes new member of ERA


Regional airline body accepts 52nd new member
Michael Højgaard, chief executive of Air Greenland, has met ERA director general Simon McNamara at the carrier’s head office in Greenland, to be officially welcomed as the 52nd member of the European Regions Airline Association.
Founded in 1960, Air Greenland offers flights to, from and within Greenland. With a fleet of 35 aircraft, it flies domestic routes and operates transatlantic flights to Iceland and Denmark.
“Simon’s visit to Air Greenland has been of great value to both parties,” Højgaard said. “It has given ERA a greater understanding of the challenges that Air Greenland faces operating in Arctic airspace and has highlighted the opportunities and benefits that we can expect from membership of the association as we work to develop Greenland’s tourist industry.”
McNamara added: “Air Greenland typifies what regional aviation provides to business and communities – it flies in difficult conditions, provides a vital lifeline to its domestic community and plays a key role in opening up economic and tourist development in Greenland. This visit, along with those to ERA’s other members, strengthens the association’s relationships with members and allows a vital insight into the challenges that they face, ensuring that the association can better represent their concerns before Europe’s regulatory bodies.”
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