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Air France life jackets turned into travel cases


Air France and bilum are presenting a collection of travel cases made from recycled life jackets. As these jackets have a limited lifespan, Air France has chosen to ask bilum to give them a new life, rather than destroying them.

The first collection of 400 cases will be exclusively launched on 7 December 2012 at midday, online at shopping.airfrance.com and at bilumstore.fr at a price of 19 euros for the flat case and 24 euros including tax for the padded case.
These cases are manufactured in France by people with disabilities as part of a work insertion scheme. They are hand-cut from a piece of the jacket and the fabric is not changed in any way, so that each case is unique.
For several years, Air France has been committed to reducing its environmental impact and contributing to the development of territories where its aircraft take off and land every day. All actions, however small, contribute to this process.
Since 2005, bilum has been giving a new life to materials which would otherwise be discarded, turning them into a large collection of bags and accessories. Each kit is unique and is entirely made in France using environmentally responsible production methods. In less than ten years, bilum has become the iconic actor of upcycling made in France, transforming redundant recyclable materials or products into new objects of a higher value.


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