Home Airlines Air France workers rip shirts from executives

Air France workers rip shirts from executives


Angry mob “almost lynches” Air France directors
A crowd of several hundred protesters became an angry mob who “almost lynched” an Air France executive yesterday. Managers fled the scene after having their suits and shirts ripped.
The Air France staff stormed a meeting at the company’s headquarters near Paris, protesting plans to sack thousands of employees as part of a massive cost-cutting program.
The meeting had been called for the presentation of full details of the job cuts, but unions rallied workers to disrupt it and the scene turned to chaos. A BBC news report can be seen here.
The airline’s human resources manager Xavier Broseta was “almost lynched”, a union worker told the news agency AFP. He was forced to climb over tall wire barriers to escape in a ripped shirt.
Air France condemned the violence and plans legal action, a position supported by members of France’s ruling Socialist government. But other leaders expressed sympathy for the workers.
“Unbelievable, some people show more compassion for a ripped dress shirt than for 2,900 workers who are going to find themselves jobless” said Ian Brossat, a Paris city councilman and member of France’s Communist Party.


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