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Air France: Caviar on board for the holiday season


For the Christmas and New Year holiday season, Air France will be offering itscustomers traveling in the La Première cabin exceptional dishes to make theirflight a deliciously refined experience.

From December to January, on flights departing from Paris, customers will be able to enjoy an exceptional appetizer: an individual “egg” of Caviar Alverta Royal Eggxiting® by Petrossian.

An ambassador of luxury, caviar, revisited by Petrossian, takes on a new look for the occasion, presented in stylish transparent individual glass “egg”.

December will also be an opportunity for La Première customers to enjoy gourmet dishes by a great French chef, Jacques Le Divellec, with two of his own recipes: fillet of turbot with clams and seafood medley with shellfish sauce.

Jacques le Divellec, a member of the Servair Culinary Studio, expresses his own unique style and skills in his favorite field, seafood.

Fillet of turbot with clams

A fillet of turbot with flavorful clams, baby spinach sautéed in olive oil and Venere Nero black rice. Shellfish sauce composed of langoustine jus, cream, cognac and tomato, enhanced with Cayenne pepper.

Seafood medley with sellfish sauce

A buttery, rich seafood medley, combining fennel and potatoes with fillet of smoked salmon, black tiger shrimp, lightly seared scallops and poached fillet of monkfish, served in shellfish broth.


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