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Air crash survival selfies – in bad taste?


More people are tweeting after surviving incidents

There seems to be a new trend, and it’s a matter of opinion if it’s in bad taste. More people are taking selfies and tweeting after surviving a potentially dangerous incident on a plane, even though fellow passengers may have been injured.

Twilight actor Jackson Rathbone posted a selfie with his wife and child outside a disabled JetBlue plane after one of the engines blew, filling the cabin with smoke. Passengers evacuated via the emergency slides and four people were injured in the incident.

After escaping a serious US Airways accident in which the plane’s front wheel blew during takeoff, passenger Hannah Udren took a selfie (pictured). There were no serious injuries and she later explained she wanted to capture the chaos.

In another incident, when Shashi Bellamkonda’s Mesa Airlines plane started filling up with smoke, he made US national news for tweeting selfies showing himself and fellow passengers wearing oxygen masks and preparing for an emergency landing. He later told Washington Business Journal, “Knowing that I would probably never, ever have an opportunity to see a situation like this again, I took a selfie.”

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[photo: Twitter / @han_horan]


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