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Agents warn clients about onboard cruise costs


Cruises are sold through their all-inclusive pricing, but costs grow

The cost of a cruise can mount up rapidly once you’re on board. Passengers are continually tempted to take everything from cool drinks to spa services, and then be given a heavy bill that leaves them feeling cheated – which then reflects badly on the agents who sold them the cruise. To prepare clients, agents selling cruises say they describe their own cruise experiences in an honest way.
Most cruises are no longer all-inclusive, raising earnings with shipboard charges. Some luxury lines include gratuities, drinks and dining in the fare, but mainstream cruises don’t. “There are more opportunities to spend than even 10 years ago,” one specialist agent says. But the reality is that passengers don’t have to buy all the extras. This is where travel agents should advise clients – on what extras they can avoid.
[pictured: Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas]


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