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Agents love cruise line’s new night excursions


Azamara’s night trips will help it stand out from competitors

Travel agents are praising a new series of signature night excursions launched by Azamara Club Cruises, saying they will help the cruise line stand out from its competitors. Azamara will include at least one complimentary night-time shore event on every cruise, starting in 2013. The cruise line has also announced that it will make standard beers, wines and spirits free of charge. But the two-ship cruise line is also bringing in higher fares, due to go into effect from November 1. Cruises for 2013-14 can still be booked at lower prices during October.
One example of a night excursion is a private opera concert in the Castle of Verrazzano in Tuscany.
“Azamara passengers are seasoned, veteran cruisers who are looking for something different than the big megaships,” CruiseOne agent Bonnie Buchanan says. “So many times, they want to go out in the evening but are not comfortable going out on their own.”
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