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Agents can be sued for flight cancellations


Airlines can sue if data not passed quickly to passenger
Tour operators and travel agents are being warned they can be sued by airlines if a customer’s flight is cancelled more than two weeks before departure, if the information is not quickly passed on to the passenger.
The European Court of Justice has ruled that an airline which is unable to prove a passenger was told about a flight cancellation more than two weeks before departure must compensate the passenger, whether the booking is direct or via an agent or operator.
The ruling was for a case between a passenger who booked a flight in 2014 from Amsterdam to Surinam on the airline SLM through an online travel agency. SLM told the agency on October 9 that the November 14 flight was cancelled, but the agency didn’t tell the passenger until November 4. The passenger demanded compensation from the airline but SLM refused to pay.
The court said that under Regulation EU 261 the airline must compensate the passenger, but added that this did not prevent airlines from in turn seeking compensation from the agency.


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