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Agents angry at new Ryanair check-in rules


Online check-in only up to seven days before departure

Changes to Ryanair’s online check-in rules are forcing agents to make customers buy allocated seats for packages of more than seven days.

Last week the airline told passengers that online check-in was only available between seven days and two hours before departure for those not taking its regular or premium seat reservation option, which cost €5 or €10. Those opting to pay extra can check in from 30 days before.

Previously, Ryanair allowed non-reserved seat boarding passes to be printed 15 days before departure, which catches a normal fortnight family holiday. But the change means agents packaging a week’s holiday with Ryanair flights cannot now issue the return boarding card before clients leave home.

The owner of one agency in the UK said hotels had been happy to print boarding cards for existing bookings, but that this would create problems in the future.

“Hotels are not going to be happy,” she said. “We’ve done this before for customers going for three weeks and most hotels have been quite comfortable doing that, but we have a group of 30 going soon – do they want to do that? No.”

She added: “To change the rules on existing bookings is wrong.”

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