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Agents angry about IATA distribution plan


System will help airlines create personalised airfares

Travel agents are angry about plans for a new airline distribution capability they say weren’t consulted for. IATA has approved a proposal for the new system, called the New Distribution Capability or NDC, but agents fear it will badly affect the current distribution model and bring an end to price transparency. The NDC would make it possible for airlines to create personalised airfares and ancillary offers based on customer data.
IATA says that all interested parties in the chain were consulted, but Lars Thykier, the Danish-born chairman of the World Travel Agents Associations Alliance, argues IATA has not contacted it about the project. “If you want to work with us, it’s a strange way of going about it,” he tells Travel Market Report.
Both the American Society of Travel Agents and the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies also insist they were not consulted. “It has been ‘transparent’ to ACTA that Mr Tyler and his team have not been forthcoming and have no intention to open up,” ACTA’s president David McCaig said.
Travel Market Report
[pictured: Aircraft downtown Hong Kong; photo by Luis Argerich]


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