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Aeroflot launches new website version


Aeroflot has launched an upgraded version of the official website www.aeroflot.com. The new navigation system significantly improves functionality through the upgraded scheme of work of the main menu, so the site has become more convenient and intuitive for passengers.

The interface was designed according to customers’ wishes. In particular, Aeroflot held several polls via social networks, giving everyone an opportunity to leave comments, suggestions and recommendations on the work of the new website.

The new website version is simple and neat, allowing visitors to land on the home page and to learn the structure of the main sections and easily find the necessary information. The new pop-up menu allows our clients to get to most subsections in just one click.

Reservation form has also been significantly improved: it now has a simplified choice of departure and arrival cities and a possibility to select currency and price indication. Other advantages of the new reservation system are quick modification of a query and sorting flights by price, travel time, time of departure and number of stops.

Also, now Recent Routes section shows previously booked destinations, which significantly reduces the time of creating a new reservation. All business travelers and frequent flyers will surely appreciate this innovation.

«It is the use of innovation and the introduction of advanced IT- technologies that largely helped Aeroflot to significantly improve the quality of service and to achieve the international recognition. This launch of the new website is a next step to improve the service quality and cost-effectiveness of the company,» said Vitaly Saveliev, CEO of Aeroflot.

Aeroflot is a company with a strong innovative vector, using the latest technology developments and solutions in all phases of its operations. According to the results of 2013, Aeroflot entered Top 3 largest online retailers in Russia, taking second place. In 2013 Aeroflot’s volume of online sales reached 44.3 billion rubles per year.


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