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AdventureVietnam.com to launch new deluxe SIC tours to meet market demands


HANOI, Vietnam – AdventureVietnam.com is launching a summer campaign with the best of Vietnam`s highlights in a 10-day, high-class, seat-in-coach tour.

The market is changing, and AdventureVietnam.com offers summer tours for strong markets, ranging from a few days on the beach to 10 days in the north and south as a new way to discover Vietnam without breaking travelers` bank accounts.

The “Best of Vietnam`s Highlights 10-day Tour” will depart on a daily basis throughout the year from Hanoi and end in Ho Chi Minh City.

In the 10 days, travelers will visit the must-see cities in Vietnam from north to south, stay in luxury hotels, and taste different Vietnamese flavors. And they will still have free time to discover destinations on their own. All departures are accompanied by an English-speaking tour guide to ensure the best interpretive experience. Other language guides that speak French, German, or Spanish, for example, are still available on request for certain groups.

“This tour meets the expectation of travelers who travel alone or in a small group and want to share their trip with others but still maintain a high standard. Only small groups from 2-12 guests per departure are allowed, so tailor-made services are ensured. Besides, on the first and the last day, private airport transfers are provided to suit the flight time of each person, therefore, travelers will not have to wait so long or arrive too early at the airport. That makes the trip flexible, and everyone can master their time. We design the trip to bring the best convenience for them,” says Hung Nguyen, Director of Sales and Marketing.

A high-class, seat-in-coach tour is a new trend satisfying the increasing demand of travelers around the world.

“It`s not like any other group tour before. We created this chance for visitors who share the same passion for traveling to meet each other. It is guaranteed to depart on any date with a minimum of 2 persons, with a discount of 5% for any group of 4 persons booked. Besides, the number of participants is limited to ensure the services of the tour,” Hung says.

Vietnam offers a magical mix of tropical beaches, post-colonial charm, a string of World Heritage sites, stunning inland scenery, world-renowned cuisine, and a home-grown flair for hospitality. The country also boasts many attractions, including beautiful resorts, spas, majestic scenery, a rich traditional culture, easy going and welcoming locals, and an improving tourist infrastructure. This makes Vietnam a more attractive destination for travelers seeking authenticity, and Vietnam has become more affordable.

This fantastic journey includes exploring the treasures of 4 World Heritages sites including Hue, Hoi An, My Son, and a cruise in the wonder of the famous Halong Bay, not to mention many intangible heritages and highlights of each destination.

For more information, please visit: http://goo.gl/SNoXRF or http://adventurevietnam.com/


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