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Adventure travel tops the trends in how to holiday in 2014


A recent report conducted by the Fitness Travel Company has revealed that adventure travel tops the list of how people are hoping to holiday in 2014. The reports suggests that we are increasingly looking for trips that promise not only sun, sea and sand, but more importantly a once in a lifetime experience.

Growth in the adventure travel market has accelerated at a phenomenal rate of 65 percent year on year since 2009. The report estimates the value of the global outbound adventure travel sector to be US$263 billion, up from US$89 billion that was first reported in the benchmark year.

The trend in the market is great news for operators, as the adventure traveller typically steers away from the self organised holiday model. Figures show that 45 percent of adventure travellers plan on using a tour operator on their 2014 trip, compared to only 31 percent of non-adventure travellers. If the market continues to grow at a similar rate moving forwards, adventure could even drive 50% of all leisure travel by 2050.

As tour operators and destinations create new, innovative product offerings, adventure tourism is also predicted to continue to encompass a broader range of activities and a greater spectrum of destinations. Furthermore, traditional leisure trips are increasingly adding elements of adventure tourism to their itineraries, perpetuating its influence on the tourism sector.

Spending on leisure travel and tourism is expected to rise worldwide and in every region over  the next five years. Almost half (48 percent) of the forecasted growth in leisure travel and tourism spending worldwide between 2011-17 is predicted to come from Asia and Latin America. Europe however should remain the leading region for expenditure on leisure travel by 2017, accounting for almost a quarter of the worldwide total.

The growing demand for adventure travel is also helping to establish a number of niche operators, who are offering holiday goers an exciting, and far from the ordinary adventure experience. This includes not only the Fitness Travel Company, who combine luxurious, unusual and unique destinations in the world, with a passion for fitness and adventure, but also operators such as Explore, GAP Adventures, Eden Collection by Eden and Based on a True Story (BOATS).

Robert Tynan, Founder & CEO, said: “The Fitness Travel Company was established specifically to combine adventure travel and fitness. Luxury used to be in fluffy pillows and elaborate decor, now luxury is in the experience. It’s about bringing back energy into the way people travel while creating adventures for those seeking a rounded, active experience.

“From the Baby Boomers right up to the youth who volunteer for their Gap year with groups like Project Trust, todays traveller seem to know more, to expect more and desire to be challenged during their time off. For at least one vacation a year, the modern traveller wants a challenge, they want to be immersed in cultures, learn about gastronomy and proactively be involved in ecotourism. The growing interest in adventure tourism is a positive cycle that everyone can benefit from; from operator right through to the tourist boards who want to encourage more travellers into their diverse lands.”

For more information on the Fitness Travel Company, visit www.fitnesstravelcompany.com. For a copy of the report prepared by Fitness Travel Company, and any further press information on all destinations, itineraries and imagery, please contact Rhianon Williams on rhianonwilliamspr@gmail.com or by calling 07595702953.


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