Home News Advance bookings for 9/11 Memorial Museum

Advance bookings for 9/11 Memorial Museum


Memorial Museum to open in New York on May 21

Visitors to New York are being advised to book in advance for the 9/11 Memorial Museum, which opens in the city on May 21.

Tickets priced at $24 (for adults) went on sale at the end of March, and timed slots in the next six months are available for booking.

At the moment, reservations need to be made to see the memorial pools, but by the time the museum opens they will be freely accessible to the public. The museum will be open seven days a week from 9am to 8pm.

The entrance to the underground museum is located between the two pools. It will house archaeological remnants of the Twin Towers, such as one of the antenna, and large-scale artefacts, such as a fire truck in use on the day the towers the fell. There will also be personal items from survivors and the deceased.

“That day showed the best in humanity as well as the worst, and the museum will highlight the positive stories that came out,” said Kim Wright, 9/11 Memorial Museum’s vice-president for sales and tourism. “There will be uplifting testimonies about the people who died, from those who knew them best.”

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[pictured: Inside the soon-to-open 9/11 Memorial Museum]


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