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Actors give voice to famous London statues


Get a call from a historical figure on your smartphone

Some of London’s most famous statues have come to life as well-known actors and actresses can be heard impersonating historical figures on tourists’ mobile phones.

Swipe your smartphone next to one of the statues and you’ll get a personal “call” from the famous figure, who recalls his or her real life – or muses on life today.

The British actor Dominic West, best known for his role in the US TV series The Wire, impersonates Achilles in Hyde Park: “Glazed I stand here. Immobile. Trapped. The people move. The traffic whirrs. The trees sway. And I am not who I was. I ache for my men. My curved ships. The tents. Feel of sweat. Taste of blood. Smell of smoke.”

Actor Patrick Stewart, known for several Star Trek movies, brings to life the statue of the Unknown Soldier at Paddington train station. Anthony Horowitz imagines what Sherlock Holmes is thinking outside Baker Street station. Prunella Scales narrates monologues for statues of Queen Victoria on London’s Blackfriars Bridge and in Manchester. Around 35 statues in total in the two cities have been chosen for the project.

The Sunday Times

[pictured: Statue of Achilles, Hyde Park, London; photo Wikimedia]


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