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Accor: Everybody loves (i)-Burgers!


Always in search of an innovative F&B offer, the local team was inspired by Poland’s most popular product of the moment — the burger!
The idea of “Simple Slow Food” — a simple, tasty meal in the relaxed, trendy setting of a functional, modern, designer ibis Kitchen — already has everything going for it.
Local experts from Operations and Marketing Department proposed an original F&B offer based on a wide selection of burgers available in all the restaurants of Poland’s ibis hotels. The idea perfectly reflects the growing popularity of burgers. From fast food restaurants to the greatest chefs’ kitchens, the trend is inspiring a rising number of bold initiatives.
Called the i-Burger, this trendy concept offers tasty hamburgers with cold soft drinks, i-Lemonades, that can be enjoyed at the hotel or taken away. This exclusive offer is also available for guests booking rooms online: they can order the i-Burger at a special price.

The burger craze is still going strong
Employees at the Warsaw Head Office discovered the new offer in February, when the “Juicy Burgers Gang” served them many burgers. It was a stunning success: all the burgers were gone in 10 minutes flat!
In addition to this delicious surprise, several famous Polish bloggers competed in a cook-off at the ibis Warszawa Reduta on 21 February. This was a perfect opportunity for them to make the burger of their dreams with their own ingredients. The event is still buzzing on social networks.


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