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A trip for the savviest of travelers via private jet


TCS & Starquest Expeditions, the world leader in private jet travel, invites jet-setters and seasoned travelers to journey through lesser-known parts of Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East.

Unlike any trip we’ve ever planned before, Beyond the Age of Empire features a slew of destinations that are emerging hotspots, especially for those seeking the next big thing. The trip visits countries just starting to top the most experienced travelers’ lists, like Turkmenistan, Kosovo and Belarus, combined with the magic of must-see places like Sweden, Croatia and Corsica.

“This journey affords the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Napoleon, Columbus, and countless legendary figures that inhabited this region rich in history and culture,” says Shelley Cline, President of TCS & Starquest Expeditions. “Our team of world class experts will help you understand the environment that once existed behind the iron curtain, witness the emergence of new nation-states, and explore the current wonders of these captivating destinations.”

During the 21-day journey, travelers will be whisked from the Mediterranean, the Balkans and the Eastern Bloc in a private, custom Boeing 757. Additionally, guests will stay at best in-class accommodations, relaxing at some of the world’s most outstanding hotels and properties, all while seeing fortresses and palaces from Sweden to Montenegro, Serbia to Croatia.

Beginning and ending in Stockholm, Sweden, Beyond the Age of Empire is Sept. 30-Oct. 20, 2013, and is limited to just 78 guests. Theexpedition is priced from $62,950 per person, double occupancy. To make a reservation, request a brochure or for more information please call 1-800-454-4149 or visit TCSandSQ.com. For daily updates on this and other TCS expeditions, please follow the TCS travel blog at blog.TCSandSQ.com or at facebook.com/TCSprivatejet.

About TCS & Starquest Expeditions:

For more than 20 years, TCS & Starquest Expeditions has operated over 200 innovative journeys to legendary places by private jet, with an emphasis on in-depth educational experiences and highly personalized services. TCS & Starquest Expeditions is also committed to enhancing the environmental, social, economic and educational conditions of the places and people visited. TCS & Starquest Expeditions is a part of the TUI Travel® Group of companies, the world’s leading international leisure travel organization.


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