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A Tower of London tour: bound to leave you compelled


The Prisoners exhibition at the Tower of London will not just intrigue you, but in fact will leave you enthralled.

Become engaged in this intensely mesmerising exhibition as you acquire your very own prisoner game card. You will vividly relive the conditions experienced by the prisoners themselves. Audio-visual exhibits also aid in bringing the histories of those confined in the Tower impressively to life. Uncover exactly where, why and how specific prisoners were apprehended in the Tower, including such legendary figures as Guy Fawkes and Sir Walter Raleigh, who continue to make their mark on the contemporary consciousness.


Prisoners have been incarcerated at the Tower virtually since it was first constructed. For approximately 900 years, those believed to be traitors have been imprisoned against their will, alongside distinguished monarchs.

Sir Walter Raleigh is maybe one of the most well-known of the prisoners confined in the Tower of London. He invited disputation and contention all through his life. He is a multifaceted and therefore intriguing figure. Originally Elizabeth I’s favourite, he later became an adversary of James I. Due to his flamboyant and audacious nature, he was imprisoned in the Tower on three separate instances, overall spending thirteen years there.

Other significant personages such as Thomas More and Lady Jane Grey were put to death in the Tower. This gave rise to tales of the Tower being haunted by ghosts, which continue to the modern day.

Raleigh was held in the ‘Bloody Tower’. Yet he was actually offered a fairly strong degree of freedom and not treated at all inadequately whilst at the Tower. He was even, in fact, permitted to use part of the Lieutenant’s Garden. Generally, he could move freely about the grounds. Raleigh was eventually executed. Yet the raised wall between the Bloody Tower and Lieutenant’s House where Raleigh kept fit is still named ‘Raleigh’s Walk’ today, a certain testament to his enduring influence.

Tower Green is where certain executions took place: however, these executions were restricted to those regarded as nobles, such as Raleigh, More and Lady Grey. Tower Green was where executions deemed to be too politically fraught to do in front of a general audience happened. However, even these ‘private’ executions occurred in the full sight of a great many affluent witnesses – indeed, often up to two hundred.

The Tower of London is as daunting as it is spectacular, as imperious as it is enthralling: an inimitable landmark. Visit this commanding edifice and uncover its exhilarating charms for yourself: you will never forget it. Take a Tower of London tour and become rapt by its often strange, bloodthirsty, and distinctive history. This is one tour that is sure to aid in making your England tour extraordinary.


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